Google Nest Thermostat: Stay cozy, save energy!

Google Nest Thermostat: Stay cozy, save energy!

Interested in saving energy and money but not sure where to start?

Google Nest Thermostat is the best place to begin with! By adjusting your nest google thermostat 7 to 10 degrees from its normal setting for 8 hours a day, you can save up to 10% a year on your energy bill. That is approximately $83 a year – score!

So, at what temperature should you set your google nest learning thermostat? In cooler months, aim to keep your google nest thermostat set to about 68 degrees when you’re home and awake.

Coming back home on a hot summer day? Turn on your Google Nest Thermostat before you even depart to enjoy a cool and comfortable temperature when you enter your home.

Google Nest Thermostat can ease and bring comfort to your life in so many ways, all with just a tap!

Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation:

Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation

The Nest Thermostat 3rd Gen is named Nest Learning Thermostat because learning is the main feature of this google nest thermostat. It saves energy and increases efficiency by learning your schedules and thereby modifying the heating and cooling and also turning down or off when you are not around or asleep. Thus, the nest thermostat learning your schedule is what makes it unique.

Nest Thermostat 4th Generation:

Nest Thermostat 4th Generation


The all-new Google Nest Thermostat 4th Gen has a different and more advanced interface and uses Google Home only. Thus, it’s not the same as the Nest Thermostat 3rd Gen and doesn’t use the Nest Thermostat app.


How to install Nest Thermostat?

How to install Nest Thermostat?


Everything you need is in the box, the nest thermostat installation guide, nest thermostat manual, screwdriver, screws, the base plate (nest thermostat cover plate) and a trim kit to cover any holes in the wall. Installation is simple. You’ll log into the Google Home app and follow on-screen instructions. So basically, you will need a Google account, the Google Home app, and a Wi-Fi network connected to the internet and nest thermostat login.

  • Open the Google Home app and click the “Add” button
  • Tap “Set up device”, tap on “Set up new devices in your home”, then select your home
  • The app will now search for your device
  • When you see, “What are you setting up”, tap on “Thermostat”
  • Scan the QR code on the back of your nest google thermostat
  • Next, the app will walk you through wiring, removing your old google nest thermostat and installing your new one, configuring your new google nest thermostat to work with your new HVAC system and using your new google nest thermostat and setting schedules
  • Now, gather all the tools your need, so they’re ready and available when you need them
  • Then make sure your heating and/or cooling system is working properly before you start
  • Go to your home’s breaker box and turn off the switch that controls the power to your heating and cooling system
  • So, during the nest google thermostat installation, it will be protected
  • If you need to, you can also turn off the main power switch at the breaker box
  • Let’s see if you have turned the right breaker off by changing the temperature with your current thermostat
  • Wait a few minutes to make sure your system doesn’t turn on
  • Next, follow the steps in the app to remove the front of your thermostat and check the type of system you have
  • Now check if your nest google thermostat is connected to thick wires with wire nuts, or if it’s labelled 110, 120, or 240 volts
  • If either of these conditions exists, you have a high voltage system which doesn’t have nest thermostat compatibility
  • If your system has the google nest thermostat compatibility, tap on “Not high voltage” to continue
  • If you purchased a trim kit, you’ll need to install it before you install your nest google thermostat
  • Tap “I have a Trim Kit” and follow the app instructions
  • Before installing the base plate during the google nest thermostat installation, double-check to make sure that the power is off
  • When you attach the base plate and connect the wires, make sure the connector button stays down after inserting each wire. Otherwise, your google nest thermostat may not get enough power, and you won’t be able to finish setting up
  • Next, remove the battery tab from the back of the display
  • Position the display with the Google logo right side up and push it onto the base until you hear a click
  • Now go to the circuit breaker and turn the power back on
  • Next, select your language
  • Then the app will test the installation to make sure that your google nest thermostat is getting enough power
  • Now follow the remaining steps to tell your google nest thermostat a few more things about your system
  • You’ll select the mode you want to use when you turn your system on, and then you’ll connect to Wi-Fi
  • Scheduling the temperature for each part of your day can help you save energy


How to use the Nest Thermostat?

The Nest thermostat is controlled by using the ring which is surrounding it. You can just touch the ring and move it up/down to control the temperature. The display on the google nest thermostat will show how much time is left to reach that desired temperature.

You can also use the Google Home app to control the nest google thermostat remotely.


Nest Thermostat Wiring Diagram:

 Nest Thermostat Wiring Diagram


A reference for the nest thermostat wiring diagram.

How to reset Nest Thermostat? 

  • First, open the Quick view menu by pressing the ring of the google nest thermostat (nest thermostat 3rd generation or nest thermostat 4th generation)
  • Go to settings
  • Go to Reset by turning the ring
  • Now, perform the full factory reset by tapping the “All Settings”

Performing a nest thermostat reset will remove all the data it has collected, and it will be as new as coming out from the box.

Nest Thermostat Battery:

Nest Thermostat Battery


The battery installed in the nest google thermostat is irreplaceable by the user. Throughout the lifespan of the google nest thermostat, it will continuously charge and discharge as necessary.


Nest thermostat in Dubai:

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Compare Nest Thermostat Models:

Both the Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Thermostat don’t require a C wire to perform the installation.

The Nest Learning Thermostat compatibility is with 95% of systems, and the Nest Thermostat compatibility is with 85% of systems. The display of nest learning thermostat has a high resolution to display the temperature digitally however, the Nest thermostat displays the temperature in white text.



Imagine having a nest thermostat that actually learns your routine and preferences. The Google Nest Thermostat does just that! It's like having a thermostat that knows you better than you know yourself! Oh, and did I mention how sleek and stylish this google nest thermostat is? With its modern design and vibrant display, it's a real eye-catcher. It'll fit right into your home decor without sticking out like a sore thumb.

So, there you have it! The Google Nest Thermostat is like a superhero for your home's climate control. With its smart features and energy-saving abilities, it's a game-changer in the world of thermostats. So, say goodbye to old-school thermostats and embrace the future of home comfort with the Google Nest Thermostat!

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