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Xcess 13.3” Triple Portable Laptop Screen Extender | FHD 1080P IPS

Xcess 13.3” Triple Portable Laptop Screen Extender | FHD 1080P IPS

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13.3'' FHD 1080P IPS
The portable laptop monitor is a 13.3'' in FHD 1080P IPS screen, which greatly improves your work efficiency and productivity

Rotation Angle
The left screen rotation angle of the portable screen is 0 to 235 degrees, and the right triple monitor screen is 0 to 180 degrees, suitable for most 13.3'' to 16'' laptops.

Retractable Stand
This dual laptop monitor with a retractable stand on the back of the panel, and the screen can be easily and stably attached to the laptop without additional accessories such as magnets.

Plug and Play
If your laptop and other devices have a Type C port, after successfully installing the driver, the 13.3'' portable laptop screen monitor is plug and play


Item Type

Portable Monitor


Plastic, Electronics




Laptop, PC, Mobile, PS3/4

Suitable for Notebook Screen

Width: 32.5cm, Height: 22.5cm, the Rotation Angle of the Left Screen of the Portable Screen is 0 to 235 Degrees, and the Right Screen is 0 to 180 Degrees; Suitable for Most Mainstream 13.3 to 16.5in Laptops


Type C 3.1 Protocol for Voice Frequency and Video Data Transmission



Package List:
1 x Portable Monitor
6 x Data Lines
1 x User Manual
1 x Wire Tie

Warranty: 6 months

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